Immediate Online Credits Without Loss Of Time

Desiring money and having it instantly was something that until very recently was only given in the world of dreams, in the world of magic or cinema. But it is now a reality available to all people of legal age. Below we explain what we mean by immediate online credits and when you can benefit from them.

What we mean by instant online credit

The processing of traditional loans, which are still granted by banks and financial entities, can be delayed in days, weeks and months. Therefore, less than 15 minutes can be considered instant money, without any doubt. That is the time that passes since a user sends his data through our online form until he receives the amount requested in his bank account and, therefore, he can dispose of it.

Added to this concept of immediacy is the speed with which the application can be made . Two selection bars to indicate quantity and time, and then a form of the most intuitive that can be filled in two minutes, make the whole operation does not exceed 20 minutes in most cases.

And who makes all this possible? Internet, without a doubt. Through a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with connection to the Network, all steps of the operation can be completed. And saving time and costs: you do not have to travel anywhere, you do not have to wait for any kind of queue, you do not have to stick to any schedule … In fact, one of the great advantages of MCFinance is that you can apply for credits 24 hours a day any of the 7 days of the week, including holidays.

Follow the virtues of the internet

If to the virtues of the Internet we add the elimination of obstacles that MCFinance carries out, we have the perfect conditions to request one of these immediate online credits: it is not necessary to provide endorsements, there is no need to present payrolls, or self-employed tax returns, nor any other superfluous document. It is enough to be of legal age, as required by law, and confirm that you have regular income, which can be unemployment benefits, scholarships, pensions …

Daily situations in which you will be useful: two real cases

financial problem

To better understand the benefits of instant online credits, let’s think of two situations that can be perfectly real, with you as the protagonist:

In the first situation you walk down the street and, suddenly, you remember that today was the last day to pay something important for you, for example booking a trip. But your bank’s office has already closed and there is not enough money in your account, just in your moneybox or under the mattress. Solution? You sit in a bank, take out your smartphone and request a mini-loan online. In 15 minutes you will have the money in your account to make the transfer of the reservation of your trip.

The second case, unfortunately, has been very real in the years of the crisis: the end of the month arrives and your company does not pay you the payroll. The first days of the month pass, and neither do they. And the next day is the end of the term to pay a fine with reduced amount. After that day, it will cost twice as much. Solution? You decide to request an immediate online loan so that you do not have to pay the penalty to pay double your fine.

Quick and easy credits are not a desperate measure

Quick and easy credits are not a desperate measure

As you can see, quick and easy credits are not a desperate measure to get out of a bankruptcy situation. Anyone can use them as a way to organize their personal or family economy, as an easy, fast and economic financing tool. And even more so if the person who supports this mini-loan is a company with the solvency and trust of MCFinance, where our numbers speak for themselves.

  • Acceptance rate of applications through our online form: 99.99%.
  • Percentage of loyal customers and, therefore, satisfied with our platform: 98.99%.
  • Number of loans granted by MCFinance: more than 450,000.
  • Amount of money borrowed since our creation: more than 300,000 million euros.
  • Average amount borrowed in each online mini-credit: around € 680.