How to become a financially independent woman

Opening a bank account is one of the most effective ways you can manage your finances. In order for the account to serve you and be truly useful to you, you need to know what benefits it offers . When making decisions, note the amount of management fees , insurance options, or easy access to information via mobile applications .

It controls its revenue and expenditure

The next step towards financial independence is to know where your money travels every month. Rent, invoices for mobile, internet, food purchase, new boating, transport, pass to fitness center, cosmetics, dinner with friend. If you know your regular income and costs, you can work with them and correct them to reach your goals. Start lightly. Travel to work by public transport or change restaurants for your own kitchen – you are thankful not only for the budget but also for the environment.

 Pay by mobile

With our phone we can do almost everything – from destination navigation, ordering food, communicating with friends, listening to a new favorite singer album to paying for the dinner you invited your partner to. Don’t look for a coin in a modern woman’s wallet, using Google Pay .

Make money while shopping

Make money while shopping

It is said that women can do everything. Make minimum money while shopping , even in your favorite stores ! All you have to do is to activate the discounts from Money s5 , pay by card and then earn money every step of the way.


A modern woman wants to have an overview in all areas, and the area of ​​finance is no exception. After the news, tips and tricks to save or invest properly, she regularly goes to her bank’s social networks .

Uses mobile application and Internet banking

Have a sense of control over your money whenever and wherever it is priceless! If you have your phone in hand 24/7, Mobile App and Internet Banking for Daily Reporting can not be missed.

Think of the future and have a financial reserve

Think of the future and have a financial reserve

Did you know that saving from 10 € a month ? All you have to do is give up one lunch at the restaurant or drink in the city and get your money on the savings account . This way you have your savings always handy and unplanned expenses have no chance to surprise you !