Loan Hit For Negatives

The blow of the loan to negative people is very common, because for those with the name “dirty” to get a loan is more difficult and the rates offered are high.

If any company offers a loan through phone, Whatsapp, Facebook or email, be wary. These are the means most used by the scammers to effect the robbery. They create fake companies every day and in some cases use the name of well-known companies in the market.

How is the coup dealt?

The scammer will offer a loan, but it will be necessary to deposit a certain amount in advance, in the form of a guarantee, for the release of the loan.

They use the name of some terms to justify the deposit, such as credit opening fee, security deposit, security deposit, fee to raise the score (an assessment performed by financial institutions to assess their ability to repay a loan) or notary’s fee .

Another way to justify the deposit would be to use this money to get a guarantor or guarantor.

Any of these justifications is a blow. There is no advance deposit and no serious business will ask for an advance deposit to carry out the loan release, this is illegal, any fee is always built into the cost of the loan.

Who is negative needs control and organization with their finances.

First, the loan is always released and only then will the payment of the installments be made.

In the case of negative people, it is common for a company to ask for guarantees, such as placing a property, vehicle or jewelry as payment guarantee, or a guarantor or guarantor is requested. However, no cash value may be requested.

How to avoid falling on the coup

How to avoid falling on the coup

Before you make a loan:

  • Verify that the company is authorized by the CBA Bank
  • Do not accept to pay a loan with deposit in personal bank account;
  • Check the website of the institution, see if it is the official website of the financial institution and do not trust sites that are written “Not secure”, most of the sites listed above have this observation;
  • Find out about the company in Reclame Aqui;
  • Never make payments in advance, any deposit required for the release of the loan is prohibited by law.

Do not rely solely on the name of the institution, many scammers use the name of companies known in the market to apply the coup, they call pretending to be a company clerk, so it is important not to accept payment of loan on bank accounts of individuals.

It falls on the coup. And now ?

  • Collect all the documents that you have of the coup (contract, messages, numbers, names, among others) take in a police station and make a bulletin of occurrence;
  • Report the site to Google through Thursday;

The chance to recover the money is extremely low, some use the name of known companies and others have no physical location and can quickly deactivate the site, but it is important to report so that the police can find out who the people are doing this blow.

Being negative, is it possible to take out a loan?

Yes, but few companies accept negative people. In addition, interest rates are higher and in many cases it is necessary to place a good as collateral, resulting in lower rates.

If you want to check the options available to acquire a loan, use the Low Interest simulator.

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